ZivTimer Manual – Flight Info

Flight Timer

The Flight Timer is mainly used to track flight duration.  It will also show you an “Expect Altitude” time using the selected number of minutes from the segmented control.  For example, if ATC informs you to expect a certain altitude 10 minutes after departure, you would select “10” from the segmented control, and when you begin your takeoff roll, use the button to “Start Flight Timer.”  The Expect Altitude area will begin a 10 minute countdown.  If you are allowing the app to show alerts and notifications, you will receive an alert if in another screen (if using the app) or a local notification (if the app is in the background or the device is locked) when the Expect Altitude timer expires but will not get the same alarm behavior (such as screen flashing) as other alarms. (We don’t want you to turn the Flight timer off and lose your flight duration because you’re trying to deactivate an alarm for that, so this alert is more of a friendly notice.)

Note: The button in the Flight Timer is used to start the Flight Timer duration, but also stop and reset both the Flight Timer and Tank Timer.  You may use either the Flight Timer or Tank Timer individually should you choose and the Flight Timer button will stop and reset the data.  However, if you choose to use both the Flight Timer and Tank Timer, you’ll need to start the Flight Timer first, and the Tank Timer second. If you start the Tank Timer first, you’ll need to go through the button’s “stop” and “reset” modes before you get the option to start the Flight Timer, and your Tank Timer progress will be lost.


You may use the Reminders area to set reminders for one Com frequency, one Nav frequency, the Altimeter setting (called “Pressure” to help avoid confusion, rather than having “Altimeter” and “Altitude”), an Altitude reminder, a Heading or Radial reminder, and transponder squawk code.

The Com and Nav frequencies are set to appropriate ranges, so you will not be able to have two Com’s or two Nav’s.  Pressure will convert between inHg and mb/hPa depending on app setting. The Altitude will go as high as Flight Level 610 or as low as 100 feet and can be set to the nearest ten feet, allowing you to use the reminder for a cruise in the flight levels or your Decision Height or Minimum Descent Altitude for an approach.  The Heading reminder can be used for a heading (“fly 120 degrees”) or a radial (“hold on the 165 radial at EXMPL”).

If using an iPad, all reminders will be visible and editable by tapping on the appropriate value.  If using an iPhone with 5.5 inch screen (iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus) or 4.7 inch screen (iPhone 6, 6s, 7), the Reminder area will show all six reminders, but you will need to tap on the small area to bring up the full sized Reminder area where you can then tap on the values to edit.  If you are using an iPhone with a 4 inch screen (iPhone 5, 5s, SE), the smaller Reminder area will only show three values at a time and cycle every 5 seconds, but will otherwise behave like other iPhones.

Tank Timer

The Tank Timer is naturally intended to be used to help you with the task of switching tanks.  Use the segmented control to set your tank switching interval from 20 minutes up to an hour and a half.  Before starting the timer initially, you will need to select your initial side by tapping on the “Left” or “Right” titles in the upper corners.  The lower part of the Tank Timer serves as the time display and button to start the timer or switch sides. After selecting your initial side, tap on the lower button to start the timer.  The time will begin counting down, and the elapsed time will be added to the upper left or upper right corner showing the total elapsed time for that side’s tanks. When your set interval expires, the Tank Timer will alert you and the time will begin to count up so you may see how much extra time has elapsed since the timer for that side expired.  To switch sides, simply tap on the time.  The Tank Timer will reset the countdown timer and begin adding the time to the other side’s elapsed time value.  You may change the interval for tank switches at any time and the new value will be used the next time you tap the button for a side change.






IFR Timers

Custom Timers