TimeStruct Manual – Settings

This page provides more detailed descriptions about the settings available in the app Settings screen.

In App Purchases

Unlock (& No Ads) – Turns off Ads so they no longer show.  Also removes the restrictions on the number of Clocks, Quick Timers, Custom Timers, and colors available. Clocks can have more than 4 user selected time zones. Quick Timers gains the use of Countdown timers 2, 3, and 4.  Custom Timer screen can have more than 6 user defined timers.  The number of colors increases from 24 to the app’s current palette of 720.

Unlock Features – This purchase appears only if you’ve already bought Ad Removal. As mentioned in the above Unlock description, all limits on the number of clocks, timers, and colors are removed.

Remove Ads – Turns off Ads so they no longer show.

Restore Previous Purchases – Queries the App Store and restores Ad Removal and Unlock purchases already made by your current account.

Global Timer Settings

Alarm Sound – Allows alarm sounds if device mute switch is off

Vibrate on Alert or Alarm – (iPhone only) A single vibration on timer expiration and/or popup to help get your attention.

Show Zero on Expiration – Expired Countdown timer shows zero when it expires, or begins to count up to show how long ago the timer expired.

Times to 1/100th – Shows Quick and Custom timer values to 1/100th of a second and increases timer refresh rate to 100 times per second. May reduce battery life due to increased CPU cycles from higher refresh rate.  This 100 hz refresh rate is only valid if Quick Timer screen or Custom Timer screen is the active screen visible on the device and this setting is on.  Switch this setting off or go to another screen to reduce the refresh rate and maintain better battery life.


Selected Time Zones – Edit the Clocks shown. Add or Delete a time zone.  Change the display order.  Set to 12-hr or 24-hr mode (unless a military time zone).  Change colors.

Zulu: Military Time Format – Show Zulu time in the top clock panel and in the Zulu clock at the top of the Clocks, Flight Info, IFR Timers, and Custom Timers screens in military time format (1427 Z) or in 24-hr civilian format (14:27 Z).

Local: 24 Hour Format – Show Local time in the second clock panel and in the Local clock at the top of the Clocks, Flight Info, IFR Timers, and Custom Timers screens in 12-hr civilian format (2:27 PM) or 24-hr civilian format (14:27).

Day of Week – Format of current day of week of a given time zone on the Clock panels

Date – Format of the current date of a given time zone on the Clock panels

Quick Timers

Duration (Up) Color – Color of the count up timer

Countdown 1 Color – Color of countdown timer number one

Countdown 2 Color – Color of countdown timer number two

Countdown 3 Color – Color of countdown timer number three

Countdown 4 Color – Color of countdown timer number four

Custom Timers

User Defined Timers – Edit the Custom Timers. Add or Delete a custom timer.  Change the display order.  Change timer name. Convert Duration timer to Countdown timer.  Set Countdown timer to repeat (and number of cycles) or change countdown time.  Change colors.

Initial Duration Color – Default color of newly created Custom timer that counts up

Initial Countdown Color – Default color of newly created Custom timer that counts down

Order By Active Status – Custom timers actively running are moved to top of the list to group and easily tell you which timers are currently running.

Repeating Cycle Alerts – Controls whether in-app popups or local notifications are shown for the intermediate cycle alarms of repeating timers. The alarm for the very last cycle and end of the overall timer still fires even if this setting is Off. Particularly handy if you change the notification style to Alerts and have to manually dismiss each notification. As an example, if you have a repeating timer that cycles 10 times, having this setting On will show alerts for all 10 alarms, where a setting of Off will only provide an alert (popup or notification) for the 10th and final alarm.

General Settings

Reduced Refresh Mode – If on, data will be refreshed no more than 4 times per second in an effort to reduce CPU usage and possible heat buildup, and preserve battery life.  If off, data may be refreshed as often as 20 times per second to provide a more responsive experience (exception: Quick Timer or Custom Timer screen with “Times to 1/100th” setting on).  Note: This setting and the “Times to 1/100th” setting only affect the app (and therefore battery life) when it is actively running and visible to the user.  This app does not run timers or do screen or data refreshes in the background.

Background Color – Background color on Clocks, Quick Timers, and Custom Timers screens.  Color or default white.

Scheme: Colored Items – Windows are colored with black or white text, or white with colored text (The alarm flashing alternates between these two modes for the associated timer)

Text & Borders – For colored items, determines whether text and borders are always black, always white, or mixed to provide the best contrast depending on the color chosen

Opacity – Change the opacity of text and borders (not including times).

Use Solid Icons – Set app icons to solid or hollow

Reset Icon Colors – Sets colors of tab bar and icons to default.  App installs with white option (white tab bar, blue normal icons, red selected icon).  Other option is blue tab bar with white normal icons and red selected icon.

Bar Color – Allows user to change tab bar from default white or blue.  Icon colors will be selected from the segmented controls that will become enabled.

Icon Color (selected) – Select one of three colors to set the selected icon color.  Colors will change depending on the tab bar color chosen by the user.  Selected icon color may not be the same as the “other”/normal icon color.  Control will be disabled if using default color scheme.

Icon Color (other) – Select one of five colors to set the normal icon color.  Colors other than black and white will change depending on the tab bar color chosen by the user.  Color may not be the same as the selected icon color.  Control will be disabled if using default color scheme.

Settings Color – Changes the color of settings controls from the default red.  Also takes the app out of the default color scheme, so may be necessary to change the Bar Color and Icon Colors.


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