TimeStruct Manual – Quick Timers

Quick Timers can be set to either the Duration (count up) timer or one of the four Countdown timers (with “Unlock” in app purchase – free version has one Countdown Quick timer).  The timer colors can be changed in the app settings.

Duration Timer

As mentioned, the Duration timer counts up.  It will count up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.  To start, stop, or reset, simply tap the time.

Countdown Timers

Countdown timers will count down to zero and set off an alarm on expiration.  If on the Quick Timer screen, the expired timer will flash and you may get an alarm sound (if appropriate). If in another screen of the app, you should get an alert popup.  The Countdown timer will also have a local notification pop if TimeStruct is in the background or the device is locked (per the notification settings).  You can also have a single vibration to help alert you about an expired countdown timer.

To set a Countdown timer, use the arrows to set the Hours, Minutes, and Seconds (whole seconds only), then tap the timer to start, stop, or reset.  If the timer is currently running, you will need to stop it before you can change the time for the next use.

Other Settings

In the Settings screen, you will find other main settings which affect the Quick timer screen.

The “Show Zero on Expiration” setting determines whether the timer shows a static zero count or whether the Countdown timer will reverse direction and begin counting up to show how long ago the timer expired.

The “Times to 1/100th” setting deserves a special note.  Turning this setting on dramatically increases the refresh rate of the timers and their values to 100 times a second.  As such, the CPU is recalculating the values more often and will likely reduce battery life if the device is left on and in the Quick Timer screen.




Custom Timers