TimeStruct Manual – Clocks

Zulu and Local Clocks

The top of the screen contains the Zulu and Local clocks.  These clocks are also at the top of the Quick Timers and Custom Timers screens.  The clock on the left is always set to Zulu time, which can be shown in either military time (e.g.: 0835 Z) or in a 24-hr civilian format (e.g.: 08:35 Z).  The clock on the right is set to your device’s local time, and can be shown in either 12-hr (e.g.: 8:35 AM) or 24-hr civilian mode (e.g.: 08:35).  The Local time will either change automatically as you travel, or remain at a set time zone (such as your home time zone) depending on your device’s main settings.  The setting that controls your device’s local time is in the main iPhone/iPad Settings under Date & Time.

Clock Panels

The first clock panel shown will always be Zulu time.  The second clock panel is your Local time.  All subsequent clock panels will consist of time zones you can select. Except for Zulu and Local, clock panels may be reordered.  You may also change the colors of all clock panels.  If you change the color of the Zulu or Local panels, the Zulu and Local clocks at the top of the various screens will reflect the change.

Each panel will show info such as the Time Zone Name, the offset from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), whether that particular zone observes Daylight Saving Time (and when the next Saving Time transition will occur), and the date in that particular time zone.

The time will be shown in either a 12-hr civilian, 24-hr civilian, or military time format depending on the specific time zone and the App Settings. Zulu will be either 24-hr civilian or military time.  Local and the majority of other clocks will be either 12-hr or 24-hr civilian time.  The static Military time zones will be in military time (except for Zulu which can be 24-hr civilian time if that’s your preference).

To change settings, use the Settings tab and scroll to the Clocks group at the top.

Note: The value you set for 12-hr or 24-hr format for the Local time in the app Settings will be used as the default whenever you add a new time zone to the Clocks list.

Editing Clocks

In the Settings screen under the Clocks group, tap on the “Selected Time Zones” Edit button to bring up the Current Clocks list.  To add a clock, tap the “+” button and select a time zone from the lists shown.  To delete a clock, tap the Edit button and use the delete button on the left.  To reorder clocks, use the Edit button and tap and hold the sort button on the right, then drag and drop the clock to its new location.  On the main Current Clocks table, tap the specific clock to change its color, or use the switch on the right to change whether the clock is in 12-hr or 24-hr mode.



Quick Timers

Custom Timers