NEW for 2017, ZivTimer is a timer app for pilots, featuring flight and user-defined custom timers with Zulu and world times.

Made for and by pilots, ZivTimer is designed specifically for flight related tasks such as switching tanks, flying holds, or shooting timed approaches, while items such as Zulu and local times, flight reminders, and clearance void times help you keep track of vital information.

The Clocks screen shows Zulu and local time along with user selected time zones.  Set the format of day and date.  Control which time zones appear and in which order along with individually controlling whether the time zone is in 12 hour or 24 hour mode along with which color it will be.

The Flight Info screen shows flight duration and time to expect your initial altitude (e.g.: “Expect four thousand feet one zero minutes after departure.”). Use the Reminder window to set reminders for Nav and Com frequencies, Altitude, Altimeter (“Pressure”), Squawk, and Heading.  Use the Tank Timer to help you keep track of when it’s time to switch tanks along with the time used per side.

The IFR Timers screen sets alarms for Clearance Void Time and Expect Further Clearance Time.  The Inbound and Outbound timers are used for flying holds. The Approach Timer is designed specifically for shooting timed approaches.

The Custom Timers screen allows you to create and save your own user defined custom timers.  Timers can be made to count up (Duration timer) or count down.  Countdown timers can also be set to repeat.  Times can be shown as whole seconds or to 1/100th of a second. The timer can show zero on expiration or continue counting to show overage.  Set your own name, time, and color for each timer, along with the display order, and set whether you want active timers to automatically appear at the front of the list so all active timers are grouped together.

Customize the appearance of your timers by choosing from over 700 colors.

Install on all your iOS devices to give you multiple options and provide backup timing devices.

App alerts you on timer expiration with audio (if selected) and by flashing the affected timer to get your attention in a noisy cockpit (more noticeable than an LED). You can also get alert popups if the timer is not on your current screen, or receive a local notification if ZivTimer is in the background or the device is locked. (Note: iOS has a limit of 64 simultaneous local notifications per app.)

We’re obviously biased, but we believe ZivTimer is more capable (and cheaper) than other dedicated flight timers.

Compare ZivTimer with your favorite AAA battery based flight timer:

World Clocks
• Zulu time, in 24-hr civilian or military format
• Local time (or specific time zone if set in iOS)
• Zulu and local time also appear on Flight Info, IFR Timers, and Custom Timer screens
• User selectable time zones
• Each clock can be individually set to 12-hr or 24-hr mode (except Zulu or military time zones)
• User assigned day and date format
• User controlled clock colors and display order

Flight Info
• Track flight duration
• Countdown showing time to expect altitude after departure
• Tank Timer shows time to next tank switch, duration per side
• Reminders for Com, Nav, Pressure (Altimeter setting as inHg or mbar/hPa), Altitude, Squawk, and Heading/Radial
• Flight Info screen can have 4 simultaneous timers active

IFR Timers
• Clearance Void Time
• Expect Further Clearance Time
• Inbound and Outbound legs for holds, times for previous legs
• Approach Timer, with 5 times to select from
• IFR Timers screen can have 4 simultaneous timers active

Custom Timers
• Timers can count up or down
• User controlled timer names, color, and display order
• Repeating timers can repeat up to 50 times
• Current timer limit is 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds
• Time duration (e.g.: camera battery) with a Duration Timer
• Duration Timers can be converted to Countdown Timers
• Countdowns can display Zero on expiration or show overage
• Active timers can be shown first to easily keep track of them
• Times can be shown to the second or to 1/100th of a second
• All timers can run simultaneously

ZivTimer is highly customizable. You can set the format of various pieces of data, control app behaviors, set colors for just about everything using over 700 colors, and even control the opacity of text and whether the tab icons are solid or hollow. Experiment and make it your own.